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UniBrush with the Injection During Brushing (IDB) method, applies a fixed rate of paste

continuously onto the surface of your tooth during brushing.


This ensures that toothpaste is not mixed with many kinds of germs, allowing you to feel

freshness, and allowing the medical action of the toothpaste to work effectively.

Additionally it reduces the potentially harmful effects of

abrasives in the toothpaste.



Paste-Injection During Brushing


1. - The Unibrush consists of a toothpaste cartridge containing 40g of paste in the grip of the brush (enough for 15 days).   You don't need to use any special kind of toothpaste and it is rechargeable.

2. - A pumping ball behind the grip releases compressed air inside the cartridge into the grip of the brush.  

3. - A Silicon duct in the bristles of the toothbrush opens and a quantity of paste comes out of the cartridge in a continuously even stream. 

4.- By pushing the pressure release button, the compressed air inside the paste pack is released.  Then the silicon duct closes due to its own elasticity. 

5. - By pushing the pumping ball behind the grip 1~3 times, it compresses the air inside the cartridge, making the duct in the brush open and the paste come out continuously due to air pressure. By pushing the pressure release button, the compressed air inside the paste pack is released and the duct is closed to stop spread of paste. 

6. - Moreover, you can use the Unibrush again and again by recharging it, and it is easy to replace the brush-head.  Our intention is

to reduce waste at the same time as taking care of the customers' oral health by manufacturing pro-environmental and economical products.






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